How To Decorate Your Home Bathroom Like a Spa

How To Decorate Your Home Bathroom Like a Spa

As you begin or wrap up your spring cleaning, you may find that you want to spice things up. Many people are feeling stressed these days, and nothing could be as relaxing as a gorgeous home spa.

That may sound expensive, but here’s the good news: you don’t have to go broke and remodel your entire bathroom to get the peaceful zen-inspired look that you want. Join us as we give you tips on how to create a spa bathroom at home.

Stay Natural

Most fancy spas are associated with the zen aesthetic. This ancient Japanese sensibility is rooted in natural materials and simplicity. If you want your space to feel like a luxury getaway, then it’s time to lean into organic bathroom decor!

Even the little details matter. When you need a spot to put your valuables, reach for The Polished Jar’s new and reimagined Charlotte Tray. Made from gorgeous natural acacia wood, our new design is bigger, which gives you more space for organizing.

For small messes, consider our Soho Sponge + Soap Tray combo set. With its removable bamboo tray insert, this accent piece is the epitome of zen spa decor: simple, stylish, and functional.

The Polished Jar Soap Bottle Dispensers on Wood Tray on Bathroom Counter Near Flower Arrangement

Keep it Simple

In traditional zen settings, there are three primary ideals: wabi, sabi, and yuugen. We’ll talk about the first two in a second. For now, let’s focus on yuugen. This term describes the beauty that can be found in simplicity and nature. If you really want to make a zen-inspired spa experience, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

Avoid overly complex patterns. Instead, opt for something timeless and plain. Our new Obsidian Ceramic Tray is the perfect example of something that balances form and function. Easy to clean and simple to use, this tray can fit 2–3 of our new Brooklyn Collection glass bottle dispensers. You can even double up on trays and pair the Obsidian tray with our Olympia Sponge + Soap Tray for a pop of contrast in your zen bathroom.

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers on Bathroom Bench

Stay Organized

To maintain the simple beauty of your new spa experience, you’ll want to keep things tidy. For all of the things that you may not be using regularly, pick up some of our new Avery Collection plastic bottles. These durable vessels are the perfect way to hold your lotions and body oil. For additional organization, pair your new bottles with our Avery Ceramic Tags, which helpfully tell you what each bottle contains.

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispensers Near Bottle Tray and Natural Sponge

Get Earthy

The other two pieces of the zen puzzle are often paired together. Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese aesthetic best defined as “beautiful imperfection”. According to wabi-sabi, true beauty is transient. So, if you’re reaching for a spa-like feeling, consider this philosophy as you dream up more decor ideas.

As we’ve already said, no detail is too small in your hunt for spa bathroom decor. Our Charlotte Tray is another entry in our long line of gorgeous soap dishes, and it’s the perfect fit for any zen-inspired bathroom spa. For a truly elevated zen experience, try our new Mika Stoneware Sponge Holder. Modeled after traditional Japanese teacups, this gorgeous sponge holder is available in both red and blue.

The Polished Jar Bottle Dispenser and Towel on Bathroom Counter

Don’t Forget the Towels!

As we wind down our list of spa decor ideas, we can’t forget the importance of good towels! In addition to their function, a good set of matching hand towels can make or break your at-home spa. Fortunately, The Polished Jar has your back! We have options to fit any bathroom, regardless of its vibe.

For modern spaces, try our Penelope Hand Towel. With its bold striped design, this Turkish cotton towel is sure to blend seamlessly into your sleek vision. If your bathroom has an earthy tone, then our woven cotton Espresso Towel Set will serve a similar purpose.

If your space is more natural and soft, try out our Flour & Sugar Tea Towel set. Available in checked and striped patterning, this two-pack of towels is sure to elevate any room it’s in! They are, after all, modeled after the fancy cloths used in Parisian patisseries.

Whether you’re aiming for a luxurious Art Nouveau escape or a zen-inspired oasis, The Polished Jar is sure to have something for you! Be sure to drop by our shop and check out all of our new arrivals. We just might have that perfect piece that you’ve been looking for.


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