How To Create a Vintage Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen

How To Create a Vintage Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen

Have you been trying to create that coveted cottage core aesthetic in your home? Right now, this budding aesthetic movement is all the rage, and there’s a good reason for it. It’s all about vintage styles and the rugged simplicity of rural life. 

At The Polished Jar, we know a thing or two about interior design, and we’re here to dish out some amazing tips on crafting the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. If you want some quick and simple ways to capture the rustic elegance of rural life, then you’re in the right place.

Get in Touch with Nature

The cottagecore aesthetic is a little deeper than an earth-tone color palette. The real magic of this fairy tale look is its sustainability. If you want your home to truly capture the vibe, then you want to study where your home decor comes from.

At The Polished Jar, everything that we make is meant to last. We’re more than just a brand, and we promise that our items will be a gorgeous part of your life for years to come.

Use Natural Shapes

As you build out your collection, one of the big things to remember is that you want your interior to reflect the beauty that’s around you. This means that you should be keeping your eyes open and looking for anything that draws its inspiration from nature.

We’re not just talking about big things, either. Even tiny touches of nature can make a huge difference. Our Botanical Ring Dish is the perfect example of a little piece with a huge impact. Each ceramic piece is imprinted with a real leaf, which will help pull together that cottage farmhouse feel that you’re going after.

Embrace Natural Colors and Patterns

Another core tenant of the cottagecore aesthetic is its wholehearted love for natural wood textures. As you emulate the farmhouse style, you want to seek out gorgeous pieces that highlight the natural beauty of wood.

At The Polished Jar, we have plenty of items that fit this category. In fact, we have too many to name here, but we’ll highlight a few.

Our Charlotte Tray is an amazing way to connect with a more tone-down, traditional color palette. For a more whimsical and vivid farmhouse style look, you may want to pick up our Spice Island Bamboo Tray. In addition to being gorgeous, all of these trays are amazing ways to keep your kitchen organized.

Toss the Plastic

As useful as plastic may be, it’s not natural. Instead, you’ll want to embrace the beauty and versatility of glass. In your kitchen, this means that you’ll want to start organizing things in reusable glass containers.

We have plenty of glass pump dispensers, including our Signature Collection and Engraved Glass Collection. All of these pumps are guaranteed to last, and they’re perfect ways to add a cottagecore touch to any kitchen. (You’ll also want our funnels to help you refill the bottles.) Our Stainless Steel Funnel is perfect for thin soaps, and our Silicone Funnel is great for lotions.)

As you cycle out some of your older items, take a look at your cleaning supplies. Even your scrubbing brush can be updated to fit the farmhouse style look! With its hardwood handle, our multifunctional Essex Brush is the perfect way to keep dishes clean without sacrificing looks. If that isn’t quite your taste, don’t worry. We still have plenty of other dish brushes to choose from.

Appreciate Craftsmanship

With its fondness for the past, cottagecore really emphasizes the importance of high-quality craftsmanship. After all, our ancestors didn’t run around with items that fell apart after a few uses. They crafted their own solutions, and they used them for years.

That’s one of our goals at The Polished Jar. We want our products to become a fixture in your family, and we do that by hiring skilled craftsmen. Everything we make is meant to last.

So, add those finishing touches with confidence. We have a whole range of gorgeous, durable hand towels to tie everything together. For the more daring cottagecore appreciators, there’s the Fayette Hand Towel. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that fits a more laid-back color palette, take a look at our Espresso Towel Set.

No matter what you choose, you can shop confidently at The Polished Jar. We only ship out the best products, and we promise that you’ll absolutely love the difference that our products can make in your home.

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