How To Create a Modern Boho Style Bathroom

How To Create a Modern Boho Style Bathroom

The boho style is seeing a resurgence in popularity these days and for good reason. The style’s use of natural materials and reliance on texture and mixing and matching materials and colors fit comfortably into many peoples’ tastes and lifestyles. It’s a gorgeous, elegant way to reshape your space into something that feels luxurious and nurturing. 

Putting together a perfectly polished, luxe bohemian bathroom is very much a matter of individual choice. That’s the beauty of boho design— it’s a reflection of your aesthetics and preferences, and it’s something that can be deeply personal. If you’re looking for ideas that speak to your idea of what boho chic should be, we have some suggestions that will look incredible in your boho bathroom. 

Incorporate Wood

Wood decor is great for bathrooms because it creates a feeling of spa-like luxury. Bringing natural materials into a bathroom space gives you the opportunity to create contrast with the other textures that might be present in the space, like the smooth porcelain of a tub, the glass of a shower door, or the tile you might have on the floor or walls. 

Contrast is an important part of bohemian design, and bringing in wooden pieces or pieces made from other natural materials can provide an elegant, beautiful contrast. You can incorporate pieces like this Spice Island Bamboo Tray for your essentials to create little pops of texture that elevate the look of your bathroom.


Play With Color

Bright colors and unusual color schemes are a great way to infuse your personality into your boho bathroom. You can try color blocking, monochrome design, or bright, colorful statement pieces against white walls and fixtures to infuse your boho bathroom with your colorful personality. Statement pieces are an especially great way to do this if you don’t want to renovate the entire space. You can go big with statement chairs and benches, or stay small with pops of color from Fayette Hand Towels and other colorful products.

Get Inspired By Nature

Plants, botanical motifs, and mixed material pieces that incorporate plant-based materials and textures look incredible in a boho bathroom. The bohemian aesthetic incorporates a great deal of connection with nature, and adding plants to your bathroom space is an easy way to bring that natural energy into your decor. As a bonus, plants can improve the air quality in your home. 

But botanical influence isn’t just found in actual houseplants. Plant-inspired motifs are an easy way to incorporate plants into your bathroom’s decor. Decor pieces like this Botanical Ring Dish use actual leaves to create the pattern on the dish’s surface, and the textural combination of ceramic and gold means that these versatile little dishes can find a home in any boho-chic bathroom. 

Style With Tile

Tile is always popular in bathrooms, and adding splashes of color with Moroccan or Mediterranean-style tile can change the energy of your entire bathroom. Tile can make a standing shower feel more luxurious and refreshing, and adding it to your walls— or perhaps just one wall to create an accent wall— make your space feel equally modern and timeless. Developing this kind of contrast in texture is a great way to enhance that bohemian flair.

More Is More

One word you rarely hear in conjunction with the bohemian aesthetic is minimalist. Boho chic is all about making your space beautiful and luxurious, and a way to do that without adding clutter is to vary the materials that you choose to bring in, as well as the colors of these materials. Our Signature Plastic Bottles come in four different glass colors, so you can mix and match and still have a cohesive look. 

Play With Height

When you’re deciding where to put things in your boho bathroom, not everything has to sit on the same surface. Pedestals can let you use more of your vertical space and literally elevate things that you’d like to highlight. Something like a mixed material pedestal is the perfect boho home for your soap jars, candles, or even a potted plant.  The combination of rattan and metal is a beautifully bohemian contrast.

Bring In Something Unexpected

Boho style is all about the unorthodox. It represents free spirits and playful creativity, so bringing in some unusual elements can bring that mentality to life. Accents like a concrete sponge/soap tray are a fun way to do this. Concrete has such a strong urban, utilitarian feel as a material, so bringing it into a domestic context like a bathroom really plays with the idea of what concrete can be. It turns something no-nonsense into something luxurious, and that’s part of the fun of boho style’s transformative nature.

At The Polished Jar, we believe your home should be a sanctuary, a place to unwind and feel at ease. All of our products are designed to bring elegance and luxury to your space. Be sure to check out our new arrivals— you might find that perfect piece for your eclectic boho collection.

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