Glass Soap Dispensers and Other Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

Wood Tray With 4 French Modern Collection Soap Dispensers by The Polished Jar

We’ve all been there. It’s time to go to another wedding and you’re just not sure what to get. 

Perhaps the couple’s wedding registry has already been picked over. Maybe that new toaster just feels too impersonal. Maybe the couple in question already has everything they could possibly need or want!

Whatever the reason, it’s not unusual to feel like you just can’t find the “right” gift. After all, it can be difficult to find a gift that’s useful, personal, and thoughtful in a way that perfectly celebrates such an important moment.

If you’re feeling stumped, it’s time to go for something truly unique. What better way to tell your friends or loved ones you care than by giving a gift that only they have? 


Bathroom Tray With Ring Dishes and The Polished Jar Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser


It’s time to personalize! And, lucky for you, there are tons of items out there that you can have custom made especially with your loved ones in mind. Personalization might sound extravagant, but in reality, you can find custom gifts that are affordable, adorable, and functional all wrapped up in one package.

Soap Dispensers for Every Home

It might sound “too easy”, but our number one wedding gift idea is soap dispensers. The great thing about soap dispensers as a gift is that you absolutely KNOW the newlyweds will use them. Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, soap is a household staple and we need an endless supply of it!


The Polished Jar Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser, Wood Tray and Brush


Soap dispensers are one of those everyday items that can so easily be overlooked. Too many of us settle for boring, single-use bottles that we recycle or throw away when they’re empty.

Instead, elevate the bride and groom’s soap dispensers with sleek, fashionable, personalized, and reusable soap dispensers so that they’ll think of you every time they’re at the sink!

Monogrammed Soap Dispensers

Celebrate the newlyweds by putting their new initials on a monogrammed soap dispenser for either the kitchen or the bathroom in their shared home! 

The Polished Jar offers glass soap bottles or plastic soap bottles in a wide variety of styles that can be customized with a monogram. You’ll be able to choose the label, the text, and the initials of your choice for a gift that is truly personalized to your favorite couple.


Bathroom Tray with Brush, Ring Dish and The Polished Jar Monogram Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser


This look is simple and effective -- at first glance, guests might not even realize it’s personalized! But this special touch will give the couple’s kitchen or bathroom an understated elegance and a long lasting gift.

With tons of options for material, pump type, and color, you can really go crazy making it your own.

Personalized Glass Soap Bottles

Want to step up your personalization game even further? Check out these glass soap bottles that give you the option to fully design your own label. You get to choose your own text and even decide what type of bottle they are -- lotion, shampoo, face wash, or a custom option of your choice! You might get them a full matching set for every product in their bathroom!

If you’re looking for something lighter or less breakable, these personalization options are also available for bottles made out of plastic. Multiple designs and material choices are available to truly match the needs and preferences of the couple you have in mind.


The Polished Jar Plastic Bottle Soap Dispenser


Foaming Glass Bottle Dispensers

Does the happy couple prefer foaming soap over gel soap? For just a slightly different spin on traditional soap dispensers, you can even purchase these foaming soap dispensers, which have their own shape and aesthetic. 

These foaming soap dispensers come in either the monogrammed or the personalized collection so that you can fully customize this type of bottle, too! A mixed and matched set might even be a good idea, with foaming dispensers for the bathroom and gel dispensers for the kitchen. 


The Polished Jar French Modern Glass Bottle Soap Foamer Dispenser


With so many personalization options, you can mix and match the bottles and pump types, while keeping the labels and text personalized, uniform, and super glamorous.

Gifts You Can Use

There are so many options to choose from, so the only limit is your imagination! 

When you’ve finished designing a perfect set of glass soap bottles, you’ll be left with a gift that’s meaningful, personal, and useful in a truly unique way. Simple, elegant touches like these are the best way to make any home feel like a fancy spa or a high end hotel. 

What better way to say hello to married life than with a few items that make the couple feel like they’re living in a home that’s been perfectly designed for them?

Don’t forget to check out The Polished Jar’s full line of products for even more customization options and some super fun kitchen and bathroom accessories that might even make the perfect companions to your soap dispenser gift. 

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