Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Round Marble Tray With The Polished Jar Soap Dispenser and Scrub Brushes

An organized bathroom can truly make a happy home, so when it’s time for your next spring cleaning session, perhaps begin by organizing your bathroom to ensure that it becomes an oasis after a long day. 

To make your bathroom a clean, calming space with a minimalist design, consider upgrading your bathroom storage with some glass soap bottles, bathroom trays, ring trays, and the like. There are many different aesthetics you can utilize to make your bathroom an organized, clean space in your home, which we’ll feature in this guide.

Here at The Polished Jar, we provide unique, elegant pieces crafted by local artists to enhance the existing beauty in your space with a creative flair. Whether you’re transforming your entire bathroom or searching for simple storage solutions this spring, let’s discuss some simple storage and design ideas you can use for your bathroom.

Store Skin Care, Makeup, & Hair Products

Skincare, makeup, and hair products deserve designated spaces within the bathroom, so why not elevate your storage with some minimal, yet stunning, decor? To keep your products cohesive and clean, The Polished Jar’s White + Gold Ceramic Round Tray serves as the ideal companion for your bathroom accessories. Rimmed with gold, this gorgeous ceramic tray fits right on the countertop, near the sink, or behind the toilet. 

As a bonus, this tray can hold two 16-oz bottles, one 8-oz bottle, or two 32 oz bottles. Another great option for storing your sink accessories is our handmade Hazelnut Specked Ceramic Tray, a dark brown speckled tray that adds warmth to any modern bathroom design.

Utilize Reusable Dispensers

Make your bathroom decor more cohesive with reusable soap and lotion dispensers. Classic, sophisticated, and environmentally conscious, reusable soap dispensers are trending now more than ever. Plastic luxury soap dispensers or glass soap bottles are both elegant choices as refillable containers. 

If you’re searching for a modern refillable container for your soaps and lotions, our custom Plastic Bottle French Modern Collection is a beautiful option. They come with a metal or plastic pump and waterproof label to protect the bottle from water damage on any slippery surface. We also offer Silicone and Stainless Steel Funnels, meaning less mess whenever you need to refill your custom bottles with more soap or lotion.

Personalize Bathroom Products

Personalization is a beautiful element for a bathroom’s organization. A personalized glass soap bottle with a custom label from The Polished Jar’s Glass Bottle Signature Collection will keep all your soaps and lotions organized and noticeable, giving your bathroom that sleek, modern vibe. Best of all, our waterproof labels will keep your bottles protected from the sink and shower. The minimalism of the bottles flows seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom decor, upgrading your spring cleaning tenfold. 

Decorate The Countertops

If you don’t have much counter space in your bathroom, beautiful handmade bathroom trays or ring dishes are a viable design option. Areas around the sink or behind the toilet are often considered prime real estate. For reference, our natural, handmade Wood Ring Dish from Tunisia adds warmth and organic taste to any bathroom. It also holds your little trinkets in one place! You can even take it one step further with our stunning bottle tray, featuring the rattan Savannah Palm Pedestal, which holds up to 3 16-oz bottles.

Use Sleeves for Glassware

Do you have any glass shampoo bottles located in your shower or behind your sink? Glass bottles are an eco-friendly and stunning alternative, but slippage is quite common when you p

lace them near any slippery areas in your bathroom. To avoid breaking your new glass bottles, we suggest using our non-slip Silicone Bottle Sleeves. These sleeves come in short and tall sizes for both labeled and unlabeled bottles, so you can still show them off with added protection!

The Polished Jar Soap Dispensers on Bathtub

Decorate The Shower

The shower should be your sanctuary to pamper yourself and decompress after a long day. If you prefer bar soap, consider purchasing one of our soap trays for added elegance. Made from stoneware clay, this beautiful Honeycomb Soap Tray would be the perfect home for your artisan bar of soap. Cozy and minimalist, this tray will bring abundance and fruitfulness to your space using the symbol of the honey bee. If you prefer a soap dispenser, opt for the limited edition white for a timeless look. 

Now that you’ve got everything checked off on your bathroom spring cleaning list this year, perhaps you’re searching for more home decor suggestions. For tips on organizing areas of your home with a chic, yet effortless, style, read our other blog posts at The Polished Jar or check out our recent feature on The Today Show here!

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