6 Small Kitchen Ideas for Decorating After a Remodel

6 Small Kitchen Ideas for Decorating After a Remodel

When you remodel your kitchen, it’s like a blank canvas. There’s an art to decorating your kitchen; you want it to feel fresh and contemporary while matching your personal aesthetic. You also need it to be functional; your decoration can do double duty and serve a purpose in the kitchen in addition to looking beautiful. When you have finished a kitchen remodel, you have been given a unique opportunity to totally refresh your decor.

And that can be a little overwhelming. With so many opportunities for choosing new decor, it can be difficult to find a place to start. With the freedom of choice comes the need to commit and get started, and that can be more of a barrier to entry than one might think. But at the same time, that freedom is an opportunity to push your boundaries and explore the endless possibilities of kitchen decoration. 

For small kitchens, this opportunity is especially promising. There are lots of great ideas for small kitchens that will let you make the most of your space. 

Here are some of our favorite small kitchen ideas for decorating after you’ve remodeled. These small kitchen decor ideas will help you maximize your kitchen space while looking amazing and enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetic.

bottle dispensers on kitchen counter

1. Declutter

When you renovate your small kitchen, you will have to take everything out of it so that the renovations can occur. This is your chance to truly declutter. Discard anything that you don’t need; assess each item and think about if you use it, if you really love it, or if it has just been taking up valuable counter space in your small kitchen. Give yourself permission to toss or donate anything that doesn’t have a place in your new kitchen design.

2. Organize Your Counter Space

Counter space is your first big challenge in a small kitchen. Designed to make the best use of the space, small kitchen countertops take up much of the space because you need that surface to prepare food, eat on, and more. The countertop is a natural space for clutter to accumulate; stop it in its tracks by using organizational decor. Ring dishes and catch-alls are perfect for keeping small items corralled; bottle trays by the sink keep your soap, sponges, and more from being scattered around the sink counter. 

3. Elevate The Ordinary

Small kitchens don’t often have the luxury of a big, beautiful backsplash or ornate fixtures. These spaces can often seem stark and utilitarian, but it’s not too difficult to elevate your space with some aesthetic interest. For example, you can choose elegant reusable dispenser bottles to hold your liquid soap. Bottles like this add polish and class to the kitchen sink; they simply look nicer and more thoughtful than the disposable bottles that soap is packaged in. 

Engraved glass dispensers or heavy-duty reusable plastic dispensers are a little touch that will make your small kitchen seem more polished and put together. If you really want to personalize your space, you can even get dispenser jars that have an optional monogrammed label.

4. Choose A Thoughtful Color Palette

When you have a small kitchen, light colors are a good idea. Light colors can help make a small space feel more open and airy, so consider choosing a light and neutral color palette for your kitchen. Light colors also reflect light, which can help brighten the space and make it feel more inviting, bigger, and more expansive.

Then, when it’s time to decorate, look for accents in those light colors. White and gold are a perfect color combination for a small kitchen. Little touches, like a white and gold ring dish, can add to that feeling of bright expansiveness in a small modern kitchen. 

5. Play With Texture

Most of the surfaces in your kitchen, from the countertops to the appliance fronts, are naturally smooth. You can create visual contrast by adding little pops of texture in strategic places. Concrete trays and soap dishes are an option that adds a little bit of edge and modern inspiration to your space. You can use natural textures like wood and rattan for a more organic look that will feel at home in many kitchen aesthetics.

Bottle dispensers on a bottle tray

6. Use Luxury Materials

Another way to enhance your small kitchen’s look and feel is to use luxurious materials to bring an opulent, expansive feel to the space. Lustrous marble is an amazing option here. White marble has an elegant, classic feel, while black marble feels exclusive and rich. Marble looks great in any kitchen; even the most monochrome, minimalist, modern kitchen decor can easily incorporate this fantastic element.

At The Polished Jar, we know that your home is your sanctuary, and we want to help you match every element to your particular taste and aesthetic. Visit our blog today for more decor inspiration and ideas.

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