The Holiday Set
The Holiday Set
The Holiday Set
The Holiday Set

The Holiday Set

Introducing The Holiday Set, a celebration of opulence and sophistication that embodies the spirit of the season. This meticulously, custom curated collection is designed to elevate your gifting experience, showcasing the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.


This Holiday Gift Bundle features our hand crafted Laurel Marble Tray, an amber glass hand wash and dish soap dispenser from our limited edition Insignia Collection, a pot scrub brush and our gift wrap kit for easy and thoughtful gift-giving. With the customized, monogrammed bottle and the option to add on the holiday bottle decor, you will be making a statement of your dedication to luxury and refinement. Whether you're gifting it to a loved one or enhancing your own holiday decor, this bundle brings together the finest materials and craftsmanship to create an ensemble that celebrates the art of living well. It's not just a gift; it's an embodiment of sumptuousness and elegance.



1-16 oz Hand Wash | Amber Glass Bottle | Printed Insignia Collection (your choice of pump color)

1-16 oz Dish Soap | Amber Glass Bottle | Printed Insignia Collection (your choice of pump color)

1-Marble Laurel Tray

1- Pot Scrub Brush

1- Kit for Gift Wrap


+glass bottle

+marble tray

+metal or plastic pump available

+waterproof text printed directly onto the bottle


Dimensions of bottles (including pump):
16 oz: 8 1/4" (height) x 2 3/4" (diameter)


Dimensions of Large Laurel Tray:

Holds 3-16 oz bottles
inside (where bottles stand): 9 1/4" x  4"
outside: 10 3/8" x  5" x 7/8"


Dimensions of Pot Scrub Brush:

Brush: 2" (diameter) x 3" (height)

*Price is for these 5 items only. Soap/lotion is not included.

Designed For The Kitchen & Bathroom

100% Waterproof Soap Dispensers

Our soap and lotion dispensers use waterproof labels and ink to prevent peeling, bubbling, and smudging.